Getting Back Into Some Spread Betting - January 12, 2011 by Harry

Well I’m back after a 13hour drive home yesterday. Still it’s good to be home. What’s not so good is that it’s back to the daily grind today. I guess someone has to pay the bills. It’s taking a while to get back up to speed with work etc so things are a bit slow at the moment.


On the trading front not much has happened since I’ve been gone. I got chance to take a quick look at my positions over the weekend and they seemed to be all doing reasonably well. I checked them again this morning and they have all fallen back. Still not to worry, my stops will take care of any that fall too low, some are showing a sight “locked in” profit, others are showing a slight risk. With not getting back until late last night I’ve had no time to look for new trades. Hopefully I’ll get some time later to take a look.


On a side note I spotted a news report on BBC news about some bloke that is being done for a setting up a Ponzi scheme. In there is says about one couple who invested £1.4 million (Their entire life savings) into the scheme, and now there is only £14,000 left. The thing is if you are going to invest £1.4 million you would think you would do some research into the person that you are giving your money too. I usually make sure I’ve checked out any individual or company that I give any sum of money too. Anyway reading this made me think about when I had a phone call from Alexander Stark from ENEQ trying to get me to invest in Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK). I’ve kept my eye on the share price and I have to say it’s currently doing quite well. When he “tipped” me, the share price was around $23 it’s now around$27, so it’s doing alright. It did fall back initially to around $21 but has since rebounded. With hindsight I should’ve placed a small spread bet on it but hey If I had know then what I know not I’d be a millionaire already. All that said I would never give any money to someone who just phones me up, I much prefer to manage my own investments.


Anyway that’s about all for now. Hopefully I will have time to spend spread betting and improving the site. I still need to look into the speed issues that a few people have been having. I’ll try and get this sorted as soon as I can.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

ProRealTrend Detection! - December 21, 2010 by Harry

I was a little bored with work today, not that I should be, I have loads to do. I was looking for new trades and none took my fancy according to my super trend strategy, So I had a bit of a play with proRealTime. I noticed they have a feature called ProRealTrend Detection. Has anyone looked at this before. I took a quick look and couldn’t really make head nor tail of it. It attempts, in some way, to give a list of instruments that are close to support and resistance levels. The thing is I don’t think it’s particularly clear what all the lines that it adds to the chart actually mean. If anyone has any clue what so ever please let me know. Probably best to post on the forum if you can. I can see there being a lot of replies and I don’t think adding them all as comments will suffice. If I get chance I’ll start a new topic. UPDATE – I’ve started a ProRealTrend Detection Help! topic on the forum.


Not much happening with my trades today. Most are up slightly. Punch Taverns is now around 10 points in profit. I checked last night and I managed to move my stop level by 4 points to reduce my risk on the position. I guess it’s probably a good time of the year for pubs etc. Everyone having a festive drink or two, if your not driving why not have three or four. Keep drinking and keep Punch Taverns share price rising 😉 everyone’s a winner.


The FTSE has had it’s best day for a while, up around 60 points. I have to say it’s still in the back of my mind whether or not the FTSE will pass 6000 before the end of the year. It’s certainly coming close. I guess in two weeks time we’ll know the answer to the question. After that it will be time to start speculating where the FTSE will end up at the end of 2011. Still there’s a few trading days to go before then so I don’t thing I’ll be trying to look that far ahead.


I may get some time later to look for new trades but nothing so far. As always you can keep tabs on my latest trades on my spread betting trades page. You can also see big Als latest trades. I have to say I’m very impressed with his trading. He’s doing very well nearly doubling his account balance in less than a year. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed anything for him. Keep up the good work Big Al.


That’s all for today.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
Spread betting beginner