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Review By: Tom on 9th Jan 2015 at 13:10

Spreads: 3 Range: 3 Support: 4 Overall: 3

Likes Dislikes
Good interface
Hard to withdraw money

Good website but makes it extremely difficult to withdraw your money from, make sure you read about withdrawals BEFORE opening an account with them!



Review By: Dave J on 13th Feb 2012 at 11:50

Spreads: 4 Range: 4 Support: 3 Overall: 3

Likes Dislikes
Good Range of Instruments
Getting your money back is a pain

I’ve traded with tradefair for some time and never really had too much of a problem with them. That was until I came to withdraw funds from my account. What a nightmare that was. I funded my account using my credit card some years ago and they wanted to refund the card which has obviously now expired. Therefore I had to go round the houses to get my money out of my account. Personally I would avoid Tradefair because it’s so hard to get your money back from them.




Review By: Guillaume on 9th May 2011 at 13:29

Spreads: 3 Range: 4 Support: 2 Overall: 2

Likes Dislikes
Decent BO spread
Very hard to withdraw funds

It’s now been 2 months that I’m trying to get back £100 that I intially deposited on my tradefair account. They do ask
you to send them original bank statement showing your name and account details by post before they can process your
I’m still struggling with them to get my money back and I’m not there yet….
Please be very cautious with the amount you deposit with them.




Review By: Guillaume on 9th May 2011 at 13:24

Spreads: 3 Range: 4 Support: 1 Overall: 2

Likes Dislikes
Decent BO spread
Tradefair makes it almost impossible to withdraw funds

I opened a tradefair account 3 month ago and credited £100 to see how their platform was performing. I found their
order platform not very reliable, with orders going very quickly and no extra level of confirmation.

However, when I decided to withdraw my funds from their platform (£102 by then), their customer service refused to so,
asking me to send them by post original bank statement showing my name and account details. When I argued that I
was only asking to get the funds credited back to the card I initially used to deposit the money on my account, I was
simply told they couldn’t credit the funds back to a credit card (eventhough the credit card can be used to deposit
funds… and is being charged 2%…)

It’s now been 2 months that’s I’m trying to get those 100 pounds back and I just don’t manage to get my funds back.




Review By: FTSE Trader on 6th Feb 2011 at 12:15

Spreads: 4 Range: 4 Support: 4 Overall: 4

Likes Dislikes
Automatic stops on every trade
can takes a while to withdraw funds

Tradefair offer 1pt FTSE spreads and offer one click trading so you can trade quickly if needed. Their customer service team is really friendly and I’ve never any major problems with them. They’ve just started to offer guaranteed stops but the stop distance needed to trade with them can be very big so you really are paying for the privilege of using them.

Withdrawing money from tradefair can be a very long drawn out process. You have to ring them up to withdraw your funds so this can take some time. On the whole I like tradefair and would recommend them. I hope this helps someone out.




Review By: SB_Beginner on 27th Jan 2011 at 6:25

Spreads: 4 Range: 4 Support: 3 Overall: 4

Likes Dislikes
Tight spreads, nice feel to the platform
sometime slow to respond to e-mails

Tradefair was one of the first platforms I ever used. Initially I was drawn in by there introductory offer but soon realised the platform and tight spreads they offer are some of the best around. Tradefair is also part of the LCG (London Capital Group) so they are very similar to the likes of capital spreads and paddy power.

From a beginners perspective Tradefair offers a good introduction to spread betting.




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