This is an excellent book for beginners to spread betting. It starts with the basics and is written in Robbies no-nonsense style that his fans have come to respect him so much for.


The thing I really like is Robbie actually spread bets and makes a profit doing it. He also trades shares but sees spread betting as “an addition to a sensible investment strategy”. In fact he states in the book that from the emails he receives the ones that lose the most are the ones who spread bet and nothing else. Now I can’t really comment either way on this but I definitely agree that spread betting can and should be used as part of a sensible investment strategy.


There are loads of stories and e-mails about others experiences with spread betting. Each contains useful lessons that a newbie spread bettor can learn from. In-fact the whole reason for the spread betting beginner website is to share my own spread betting experience and allow others to share theirs. There is a lot to be learned from others that have been there, done that, and written the book.


Robbie has included some of the strategies that he uses to find his spread bets. Don’t expect to find lots of technical indicators, or entry and exit points. Robbie is much more into trading fundamentals and news reports, he does use charts but not on their own and hey he makes money this way so take note. The whole book is designed to be read alongside his original Naked Trader book, which I have read but leant to my Dad and have yet to get it back. One thing that does stick in my mind from reading the original naked trader is searching for keywords in company reports and colour coding them based on if they are buy/sell or neutral. It’s a great idea and well worth trailing.


Anyway back to the Spread Betting review. All in all this is a very well written book. It’s excellent for beginners and well worth a read if you want a re-cap of the basics with a few added extras.