I would suggest The Financial Spread Betting Handbook is a must to anyone new to spread betting. It just contains so much information. It starts with the basics and progresses to the more advanced trading strategies. It isn’t for complete beginners though. Some basic knowledge of spread betting is required for you to get the most out of the book.


This was the first spread betting book I ever purchased. After I plunged into spread betting feet first I soon realised there was more to it than meets the eye. So I started to dig around the internet and found this book. It has helped me so much and the strategies are a great place to start and help you find your feet. Malcolm Pryor uses the analogy of climbing a mountain to explain his journey to successful spread betting.


He starts at the bottom (base camp) where you need to make sure you are set up with the right spread betting company, have the right charting software for your needs, understand the risks and learn to control them and learning from others mistakes are amongst the many other things required to get off on the right Spread Betting foot.


Next you start to climb the mountain which is all about spread betting strategies. It goes into detail about finding the right strategy for you, and even has some strategies to get you on the way with your spread betting.


Then you are on your way to the summit where you learn planning, regular reviews, record keeping, risk management and developing a winning attitude.


Overall If I could only have one spread betting book this would be it. It just covers so much.