A spread betting strategy is a must for every successful spread better. Once you have a spread betting strategy that suits your trading style stick to it. When you are new to spread betting choosing the right strategy, or even developing your own strategy can just seem like a nightmare. Believe me, I’ve been spread betting since February 2009 and I have believe that I am only just settling into a spread betting strategy that works for me.


There are many people out there that will offer to sell you their “Holy grail” of trading strategies, which they will convince you is the answer to all your trading problems. My opinion on these “Holy grail” strategies is don’t bother with them. There is no such thing as holy grail trading strategy, if there was we’d all be millionaires.


You will need to put in the effort to learn and develop your own trading strategy. Whether you take someone else strategy and modify it to fit you or if you develop you own trading strategy, the fact is you will need to find your own path on the route to spread betting success.


This is why I have developed this site and these pages in particular. I know what a mine field it can be of technical indicators, volume patterns, divergence, the list goes on. My aim with the pages listed here is to give you an idea of what a strategy should include, some examples of my trading strategies and (at some point in the near future) have a template you can use to develop your own spread betting strategy.


So take a look through the following pages. I aim to add more and more as time progresses so keep checking back for the latest strategies. You can also check out the forum section I have which is dedicated to spread betting strategy discussion. If you have any questions please post them on the forum.


Trading Strategies

  1. Super trend strategy
  2. Simple Moving Average Strategy
  3. MACD Strategies


Strategy Devlopment

  1. Developing a spread betting strategy
  2. A new spread betting strategy

Vince Stanziones Strategies

  1. Making Money from Financial Spread Trading

Compare Strategies


You can now compare spread betting strategies in my spread betting strategy comparison table. If you know of a strategy that you would like to see added to this comparison please let me know and I will get it added as soon as I can.


Trading Plans

  1. A trading plan from “I”