I can’t wait to start spread betting but I know nothing about it. Should I just start and learn as I go along?


To be honest this is what I did. I couldn’t wait to start and rushed into spread betting. I now regret it as I made unnecessary losses which could’ve been avoided. I would strongly suggest you do some more research and reading about spread betting before wading in. It takes time to hone and develop the skills required to spread bet. Take your time there is no rush. You are missing nothing. There will still be potential trades tomorrow.
Why not start your reading with my beginners guide to spread betting.
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Do I need to be good at maths to spread bet?


Not really but in my opinion it can be helpful. There are many technical indicators and oscillators that you can use to aid you in spread betting. It can be helpful to fully understand the maths behind these so you get a really good grasp of what they are telling you. All indicators are based on some or all five elements of price. These elements are, open, close, high, low and volume.
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What are the best spread betting books for a beginner?


There are many books out there which can aid spread betting. I would recommend Malcolm Pryors spread betting handbook to get you started. Take a look at my reading list to see other titles that I suggest.
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