IGIndex Overview

IGindex is arguably the biggest provider of spread betting in the UK today. I think this is primarily because of the wide range of markets it has to offer. The charting packages IG offer have some of the most advanced features of any spread betting provider and therefore there is no need to pay for external charting. Their advanced charting allows you to program your own indicators and stock screeners which I have yet to see any other spread betting company offer. I’m sure now IGIndex offer them the others will follow suit shortly.

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Accounts on offer

IG Index offer two types of spread betting accounts. A Plus Account or a Limited risk account.


The Limited risk account will automatically add guaranteed stops to all of your trades and you pay for this through a larger spread. Obviously this means that you will never lose past your stop level meaning you will never suffer slippage.


The plus account has tighter stops on offer than the limited risk account but if you do not use guaranteed stops you can potentially lose more than you have in your account. You can use guaranteed stops in a plus account subject to additional charges.


Mobile Dealing with IG Index

You can use the IG index iPhone application to trade via your iPhone. You can also view charts via the app.


Key Features of IGIndex

  • By far the biggest provider of spread betting in the UK
  • Wide range of markets offered
  • TradeSense education program
  • 10p minimum bet size for first two weeks, then 20p for the next two, then 50p for next two. £1 there after
  • Tight spreads on a range of Instruments
  • Mobile dealing
  • Wide range of orders available. Including Guaranteed stops on all markets
  • A wide range of charts provided, Including Autochartist pattern recognition. Advanced charts (provided by IT-Finance) are available. The first month is free then you need to make a minimum of 2 trades a month to keep them free. Otherwise it will cost you £30 per month. It’s basically the same as proRealTime. You can write your own screeners & indicators and it uses a live data feed instead of the free one offered by proRealTime


While I’ve made every effort to ensure that this information about IG Index is up to date there may be times when it is not. If you spot something that is incorrect please contact me and I will ensure it is rectified as soon as possible.