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I developed the spread betting community to enable us all to share our own experiences with each other. I personally share my own trading experience via my regular blog entries. There are others that keep trading diaries over on the spread betting forum. If you would like to have your own trading diary or even add a post on the blog this can be easily arranged, just contact me for more information.


Looking at Gulf Keystone

14 April
By: Harry

Gulf Keystone and the acclaimed Exxon and Chinese “conversations” were very open opportunistic mild interests. And that was before the oil price collapse and before it turned out Shaikan is not the giant people made it out to be. Hence majors are not really that tempted for large but uncertain quantities of 22 API, high sulphuric geopressures, and slow exports/payments:

a. Any enquirers were and even more so now would be looking for very cheap takeover projects, not just Gulf but M&A in general
– in contrast to idiots here thinking it was Exxon for 8 or the Chinese at 45

b. Todd Kozel was a continual problem, everyone HATED his smirk and didn’t want to deal with him. There isn’t a single partner, investor, or potential bidder he hasn’t p!ssed off with his amateurism, arrogance and greed. He’s gone now but his legacy of sh!tting on this company remains.
– in contrast to muppets here who backed him and his s [Read more…]

Boohoo an Opportunity?

14 April
By: Harry

BooHoo’s higher marketing spend is very much in evidence – I keep seeing ads for the company on TV. Also, my niece has been educating me on the phenomenon of Vloggers – these are young people who do home-made videos, put them on YouTube, and in some cases (e.g. Zoella, and Alfie) have built up enormous fan bases of mainly teenage followers.

A few fashion companies (especially BooHoo) have got onto this trend, and sponsor the best Vloggers to promote their products, and to promote competitions, where teenagers can win free clothes, etc.

Zoella’s photoshoot of BooHoo’s new spring/summer season got a staggering 1.3 million views on YouTube in just 3 days, and 120,000 thumbs up votes. Those are stunning statistics, and shows that the top Vloggers have a greater reach than fashion magazines. They basically promote clothes & make up, and generally talk nonsense to the camera. They have no discernable talent, other than having an engaging p [Read more…]

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