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I developed the spread betting community to enable us all to share our own experiences with each other. I personally share my own trading experience via my regular blog entries. There are others that keep trading diaries over on the spread betting forum. If you would like to have your own trading diary or even add a post on the blog this can be easily arranged, just contact me for more information.


And the Fed keeps Pumping!!

19 September
By: Harry

So the Fed will continue pumping liquidity
Is this good news? Will it end pretty?  The Federal Reserve has lost its nerve and will continue with quantitative easing i.e. printing money out of thin air.  What a craven lot they are, and it looks like Bernanke will duck the tapering decision to leave it all for his successor to worry over.
Here’s how I performed on my last trades; have to admit they went pretty good but I did well to cut my positions when I saw that the USA were shying away from attacking Syria.
Bought 100,000 Amara at 17p on the 19th August and sold them at 19.8p on the 30th August
Gain: GBP2,800
Bought 100,000 Avocet at 21p on the 28th February and sold them at 20.1p on the 30th August
Loss: GBP900
Bou [Read more...]

Avocet, Amara and Centamin

04 September
By: Harry

Many reasons for the move up and potentially a lot more to come:

  1. Price of Gold has been recovering of late and will hopefully be in line for a decent spike up when the first US / French cruise missile hits Syria. All the political lobbying seems to be indicating a yes vote in America on Monday and the Obama regime seem mind set on action.
  2. Chinese economy is on the mend as is UK and US – and this has led to a recovery in mining stock shareprices.

Avocet and Amara Mining seem highly correlated with each other and with the price of gold; a 1% move in the price of gold translates to over a 5% moving in the underlying company share prices.
On the other hand, Centamin’s price movements have littl to do with the price of gold, nothing to do with the world situation outside of Egypt.
CEY share price was heading towards 200p when the Egyptian revolution kicked in. It should really be at least 200p by now.  [Read more...]

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