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Review By: SB_Beginner on 3rd Feb 2011 at 10:30

Spreads: 4 Range: 3 Support: 5 Overall: 4

Likes Dislikes
Good customer service
Slippage seems to occur quite often on the new platform

I opened an account with CMC markets back when it was their market maker software. They have now put a lot of investment into their new web based platform. They launched this new platform in August 2010 and in my view this was a mistake. They didn’t offer anywhere near as many features as market maker did and a lot of people were put of straight away. I have persevered with it and I am gradually getting more at ease with the new platform. The charting is getting there and is gradually getting better and better. Customer service is excellent and always has been. They offer much less instruments than they did on market maker so if you’re after AIM stocks you probably won’t find them on the new platform. The platform has a nice feel to it and I can see the potential in it which is why I’m sticking with it a little longer. If in another 6 months time the platform has not moved on much then I’ll look to move to a new provider.



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