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Review By: Your Name Von shmall housin on 11th Jan 2012 at 20:07

Spreads: 3 Range: 3 Support: 2 Overall: 1

Likes Dislikes

There is definitely something fishy going on in that office, and there is no doubt about
it they are trying to interfere with your trading experience especially when it is
positive. There is constant referrals on trades with platform not responding when trying
to manage positive and negative trades.To give me total piece of mind I will be getting a
friend to set-up an account and we will both trade the same market but trade opposite
sides, I go long and he goes short at the same time, theoretically you should not have no
more than a loss to spread on both sides ie,(2 pips) although you will need to have plenty
of margin, call me paranoid but I dont trust online companies to much. There are far to
many people losing at this game when most times it aint anything more than a coin toss
between you and the company. They give you all these charts and indicators and people are
still losing big time, too much bs and Worldspreads are definitely no exception.If you
look closely enough you can see them rubbing it in your face guaranteeing you on your
start-up losses, how can they be so sure you going to lose. I would have liked to award
the staff more because they are rather polite and friendly but it is all just a front I



Review By: MarcoRoss on 13th Nov 2011 at 10:36

Spreads: 5 Range: 1 Support: 1 Overall: 1

Likes Dislikes

I have a problem with the withdraw money. WorldSpreads says that they can give me only a deposit 5000. Now what should I do? I am waiting for my money already 3 weeks.




Review By: Dolphe on 9th Oct 2011 at 14:34

Spreads: 3 Range: 3 Support: 1 Overall: 2

Likes Dislikes

Have had several problems with Worldspreads, namely:
All my positions were closed on a Friday evening after being told earlier in the day that I would have no margin issues. I called after market hours and was told by the trader that he was too busy to help me and if my positions had been closed it must be due to an error on my part-I should call back on the Monday. I had no choice but to wait till the following Monday wondering what happened for WorldSpreads to apologise saying they had made a mistake and to reactivate my positions. The rudeness and lack of helpfulness were however very disappointing. I also tried to change my address which worldspreads would not do without proof of a bank statement. When I scanned through the statement, I then had to chase them to amend it as my email had been overlooked. Overall, their systems appear to work well enough but very unimpressed with the level of support!




Review By: SpreadBettingTrader on 15th Feb 2011 at 5:01

Spreads: 4 Range: 4 Support: 4 Overall: 3

Likes Dislikes
Good range of instruments, decent spreads
Constant referals now I’m ‘winning’.

I use Worldspreads because I joined when they offered a £300 bonus if you lost money during the first 2 months. I did, and they refunded me fast. The platform is very easy to use and the spreads are comparable to every other spread betting firm. The couple of times I have had to ring support they have been corteous and resolved my queries in a timely manner.
The reason I have given it 3/5 is because recently I have been getting constant referals on trades, which slows my down considerably and it seems they can give me no valid reason for this when I asked them. Someone on T2W forums suggested that this happens once you start ‘winning’ on your account, so bear this in mind if time is tight for your trading as constant referals slows you down to a crawl!
I may switch at a later date if I begin to trade on the account more than once a day.




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