Hi my name is Harry, I am the Spread Betting Beginner.


Welcome to my world. I created this site to document my trials and tribulations in the world of spreadbetting (or spread trading as I like to call it).


I started spread betting back in February 2009. I opened an account with £50 with paddy power and never looked back. I started to keep a daily spread betting or trading diary at the start of 2010 to help me look back and learn from my spread betting mistakes. I did this for a few months and then decided it would be a good idea to share this diary with others. So a year after I started spread betting the Spread Betting Beginner was born. The blog started off fairly slowly gaining one reader in the first few weeks, but it has grown in popularity over the last few months and now has a dedicated following.


In the coming months I will be listing what trades I am watching, what trades I have placed, what trades I have closed, how successful or not those trades were along with all kinds of other spread betting information that I think will help me.


The commentary I make on my site is not meant to be investment advice. These are simply my views about the stock markets and my personal trades. Make your own due diligence and research before buying into any companies!


As I already stated I prefer to call spread betting by the name spread trading. Spread trading is as much betting as any other form of trading. Stocks, Forex, Indices, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities etc are all risky if you do not have a successful system that is proven to work over time, they are all betting.
Although in the UK (at the moment) it serves us well that it is classified as betting as that means ANY profit is TAX FREE!!!


The idea behind spread betting beginner .com is to enable others to benefit from my mistakes and experience and allow others to pass on their experience to me and anyone who reads the blog. Initially Spread Betting Beginner was just a blog of my trading diary but it has grown over time (and is still growing) in to what you see today. It has become a wealth of information for the new and experienced trader. You can now find spread betting strategies, compare spread betting companies, compare trading systems, read & write reviews, hang out in the forum, keep upto date with the latest spread betting news and much much more all in the convenience of one website. The site is constantly expanding and new features are developed all the time.


I hope you like the site. Keep coming back to see how I get on, will I do well or crash and burn? Who knows, hopefully with the right Spread Betting system in place I will be posting here for years.


Until next time

“May the markets be with you”


TheSpread Betting Beginner