Today has been another quiet financial spread betting day. I checked my open positions earlier and adjusted stops as necessary. I then went on to check for new trades and I found one. It’s a buy based on Vince Stanziones spread betting system. I’ve placed a few trades using this system over the last few weeks, but then again too few to mention. Note the Frank Sinatra reference. Anyway I digress. Over the last few weeks I’ve placed a total of 3 trades using his system. Why didn’t I post about them, well firstly I wanted to test the water so to speak. I wanted to see if the potential was there and now I think it is. Secondly I couldn’t decide if I should add them to my current open positions or possibly start a new page to keep track of them. The problem is I keep generating more and more work for myself and I just don’t get the time to do half the stuff I want to do. Anyway for the time being I’ll just add the new positions to my current list and keep a log of them separately in my own spread sheet.


Spread Bets I’ve made using Vince Stanziones System

  • Buy Trinity Mirror. Sold out due to exit signal. If I had switched to a short position when I exited my Long position I’d be around 40 points in profit by now.
  • Buy BSkyB. Unfortunately It got me in just after the talk of Rupert Murdoch taking over completely, but still the position is in profit and is still open.


Todays new Spread bet

Buy Barratt Developments at 109.33 with a stop at 96.33. The stop though is only a safety net as an exit signal will come before the stop gets hit, or at least it should. Obviously if the company goes bust over night then the stop will get hit, the whole point of the stop really. As I’ve said before I can’t reveal Vinces secrets but I will be getting a full review of his spread betting course material on the site over the weekend at some point so keep and eye out for it.


It’s a simple system and I’m looking forward to testing it out more. I’ll try and keep you posted with new trades I make and if they use my super trend strategy or one of Vinces strategies.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

March 23, 2011 by Harry
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