No new spread bets yet again for me. I had some time to check today and I adjusted a few stops but there is nothing really jumping out at me as a potential trade. As I mentioned yesterday I’ve been re-reading Vince Stanziones trading system and I’m really keen to try and run some back tests on it. Although Vince offers a few spread betting strategies there is one which is really sticking out in my mind and it’s a very straightforward system. I think it’s a system that should work for any market although I want to try and implement it for the UK share market as Indicies, FOREX or commodities are just too rich for my blood at the moment.


Interestingly the system would see you currently short The FTSE 100 & The NIKKEI 225. I’m sure there maybe others as well but I haven’t checked. I wish I could reveal the system to you but unfortunately because of copyright laws, and my own moral stand point I can’t. How I said though I aim to writing a full review so if you are interested in his spread betting system you can read my review which will hopefully help you make an informed decision.


I mentioned yesterday that I had an Idea to modify the system slightly to suit my own needs. The basics will stay the same but I will ensure that I only take on opportunities that suit my risk requirements. My biggest problem is just getting the time to do all this. Work is hectic at the moment and I was hoping it may quieten down by the end of the week but that doesn’t seem very likely anymore. All that said this weekend I know I will have some time. I just hope it’s enough to try and catch up with everything that I want to get done.


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The Spread Betting Beginner

March 22, 2011 by Harry
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