With another day drawing to a close I have a little more time to write a more detailed post.


Persimmon are up to around 425. Woo hoo! Sadly it means nothing to me. As I expected my position stopped out. I’m not disappointed I still made over £50 on the trade, but it’s another lesson that I’ve learned the hard way. Both my positions stopped out at the open of the day. The interesting thing is one suffered slippage, but the other didn’t. What’s really fascinating is that they were with the same company. The first position was with my old CMC markets account and the second was with my new CMC markets account. The first (OLD) position stopped out at 405 as expected, the other stopped out at 401.79. So over 3 points slippage. That’s around 0.8% slippage. Quite a lot when you think about it. Oh and I still haven’t found out from them what’s going to happen with Northern Foods. I have to say I’m not that impressed with them. So why haven’t I moved? Well I said I’d give them until at least the end of the year before deciding and at the moment time is that tight I can’t be bothered with the hassle of with drawing the money and moving it. That said I may look to move part of it back to Tradefair or capital spreads.


I read some of the news for Persimmon and I probably could’ve avoided being stopped out. Apparently their Interim Dividend Payment Date was today. I’m assuming this explains the drop in price. I think from now on I will check each of my open positions for relevant news like this at the end of each week. If I had known about this I probably would’ve committed the ultimate sin of spread betting, lowered my stop loss. Only slightly though, to allow for any dip in price and not be whipsawed out of the trade. Still you live and learn. How I said I still made money from the trade so I haven’t done too bad.


My dimension data position stopped out today. From what I can gather because they were taken over a while ago, today was there last trading day. I was sold out of the position for a £1.40 profit which more than covers the financing charges(only just). Still better than a loss.


I’ve run some quick figures on my open positions list and I’m just about in profit on my closed positions. With the remaining open positions showing a locked in profit of around £20. Maybe this is the beginning of winning ways for me. I still have a very long way to go before I recouped all I’ve lost on my spread betting journey so far, but with time, patients and hard work hopefully I’ll get there. I certainly agree with the statement “Spread betting is a Hard way to make an Easy living”


As far as I’m aware there are still palaces left for my Exclusive reader offer with Capital Spreads. So for any one wanting to open an account with them you can find more information about this offer on my spread betting offers page.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
Spread betting beginner

December 14, 2010 by Harry
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