Just a quick post. I made one new trade today in 3 Inf.  Buy £1 per point at 114.69 with a stop set at 110. I made the trade based on my super trend staretgy. It’s close to the stop out price and possibly could be ready to take off. Probably not but we’ll see. I managed to tighten up my stops on a few of my other positions today as the price of most of my positions rose. Will tomorrow be onther good day? Well we have to wait and see. But with the FTSE 100 making a convincing break through the 5400 barrier that it has struggled with recently, I think the markets are set to rise a little further yet, but then again I’m probably wrong.

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“May the markets be with you”
Spread Betting Beginner

September 13, 2010 by Harry
Category: blog