Today I placed a new trade on 888 Holdings. I brought £1 per point at 44.04 with a stop set at 36. price has just crossed the super trend indicator and with a possible double bottom having just occurred I thought this looks like a good trade. It may turn out to be bad but who knows?
I also noticed today that world spreads offer and account with 0 spread on some instruments. On further investigation I read that it is for platinum account holders who must have more than £5000 in there account with them. Sounds like a good deal if you have that sort of money to be risking but at the moment, while I’m still finding my feet, I can’t afford to risk £5000. Plus its only on FOREX and indices which I am still trying to avoid. In my experience FOREX and indices are the easiest way for the in experienced trader to lose money fast.
I need to apologise to “R” who sent me an e-mail at the beginning of the week. I still haven’t had chance to deal with your request. I will hopefully get time at the weekend to get this sorted for you. Keep checking the site form more updates.
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September 10, 2010 by Harry
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