As I Expected I didn’t get time to post an update on Friday, or at any point over the weekend for that matter. I was out all day Friday with work and then I had a friends 30th Birthday to attend on Saturday which pretty much meant I had no time over the weekend to do anything. Today hasn’t been much different. I’m really swamped with work at the moment and I’ve had no time to look for new trades so spread betting it literally on the back burner at the moment. Things should start to quiet down towards the end of the week and I think I should have some time at the weekend to dedicate to my spread betting.


I’m trying to go through Vince Stanziones course material again with the aim of adding a review to the site shortly. As I’ve been re-reading it I’ve had a few ideas that I may look to put into practice at some point. The main one being reducing the number of instruments/Shares where I look for potential trades. With Vinces systems being trend following systems they basically ensure that you will always be on the right side of a trend should one develop. So my train of thought is basically only trade say 10 shares that all fit with my own personal risk criteria and always be long or short all 10 stocks. The systems all indicate when to enter and exit trades and clearly define which direction you should be trading. My idea of only trading 10 shares would mean that at some point they all should trend up or down and using the system would mean I’d be long or short and enjoy most if not all of the trend until I received an exit signal. The main drawback with switching from long to short and vice versa is that I would suffer lots of small losses until the big trend came along. At the moment It’s an idea that I am still working on and clearly it needs some more thought but I think it maybe an interesting concept to explore further. I’m possibly going to look into back testing the idea on a few stocks that I think might fit the bill, when I get the time that is.


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The Spread Betting Beginner

March 21, 2011 by Harry
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