I thought I had better post a brief update as it’s been a while. Unfortunately there have been no new trades. I’ve been looking, when I have had chance, and nothing has been coming along that meets my criteria to trade. I keep checking Britvic and am constantly disappointed by my fat finger trade and the fact that I did not re-enter. If I had gone short again at 380 like I could have then I would be sitting on an extra 50 points profit by now. Still it wasn’t meant to be and that is that. I just need to make sure my fat fingers don’t make the same mistake twice.


I have to say I think the markets look on the brink of a new bear market. There is so much doom and gloom first with Greece then the US, now Italy it makes me wonder who will be next, Spain? Still I’m not in the habit of trying to second guess where the market is headed. I made those mistakes a while ago. I now prefer to see what the market is doing and trade accordingly. At he moment I would say the FTSE is still in sideways mode as it has been for a while. This means I’m still looking for shorts and longs. If the markets should turn bearish and a new down trend was to emerge I would only be looking for shorts and the opposite is true for up trends. So for the time being I’m looking for trades either way. Short or long it makes no difference to me.


We will be having a guest poster on the blog soon. Chris has very kindly agreed to post in exchange for a copy of the Naked Traders Guide to Spread Betting. Keep an eye out for his post on the blog shortly. If anyone else is interested in posting please do get in touch as this can be easily arranged.


One final note. I don’t know if anyone has tried to contact me via the online contact form in the past and never received a response from me. If you have I can only apologise. Chris tried to contact me via the form and I never received the e-mail for some strange reason. I have now rectified this and the issue should be a thing of the past. Therefore if you would like to contact me you can be confident that he contact form now works correctly. How I said I apologise if you tried to contact me before. I don’t ignore e-mails people send me, I just never received them.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

August 3, 2011 by Harry
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