With being busy at work today, getting things in place for while I’m away I have had no time to dedicate to any trading of any kind. I’ve just had a quick look at my positions and they are mostly doing nothing so I don’t expect my stop positions to move either.


I will not get chance to update while I’m away. I’ve taken the decision to leave my positions open while I’m away. I was thinking to close them all out but the combined risk of all the 8 positions is only around £30 so I’m going to take the risk. Obviously the stops are not guaranteed so I could potentially lose more than I currently have at risk but that is always the case whether I’m here or not. If one of my positions falls to zero overnight then I there is nothing I can do anyway. I’ll just have to take the hit and move on. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but if it does it does.


I noticed F&C had fallen a little today and I was toying with the idea of pyramiding again, so I looked at the comments from Tony & Iain again and realised I am being an eager beaver and should wait a while until I have more profit locked in and the stock is trending nicely.


Anyway I will return on the 7th October and I will probably post an update sometime in the evening to let you know how things have been going while I was away.


I hope the markets are kind to you while I’m away.


Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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September 29, 2010 by Harry
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