Exclusive reader offer from Capital Spreads


You lucky, lucky people. As you are probably aware I have been trying to strike up deals with spread betting firms, hence all the ads on the site for the various firms. I have just recently negotiated a deal with Capital Spreads and I have an exclusive offer for spread betting beginner readers. That’s right it’s for you lucky people only. It’s an offer that you will not find anywhere else.


Capital Spreads Offer


So what’s the offer. Well the first 5 readers to click the capital spreads offer link above, open an account fund with £250+ and make 5 opening non-Equity trades will qualify for a £100 top up. You can read the full terms and conditions here. Unfortunately this offer is only open to new accounts to Capital spreads, so if you already have an account with them, like me, you don’t qualify, Boo!


Once again you have to click the capital spreads offer link then open an account to qualify. If you just go to the capital spreads home page and open an account you will not receive the offer. Similarly if you open an account after clicking the terms and conditions link you will not qualify. You need to click the capital spreads offer link and open an account to qualify for the offer. Hopefully that’s clear enough.


If this offer goes well it could be the first of many. If you do have an account with capital spreads I’m also in talks with other firms so keep checking back to find out what latest offers I have for you over the coming weeks and months.


Todays Spread Betting Action


The day started so full of promise. Most of my trades were up or level and Persimmon was up to 447 at one point. That’s 36 points up. Sadly it’s dropped back a bit to the 430 level, which is still up around 19 points. Still if it continues like this for the foreseeable future I’ll be a happy spread better. I’ve had a quick look for new trades but nothing is jumping out at me so I’m happy to wait. My new position in Punch Taverns is still under water but hey I set my stop at 59 for a reason. If it stops out it stops out. Losses are a fact of life for a spread better. Doesn’t mean I like them but I’ve learnt to live with them as long as they are in a controlled manner.


Debenhams has dropped back today. The recent upwards movement that started back in August seems to have stalled and a potential trading range of around 69-77 has opened up. With my stop set at 69 I’m slightly nervous that I will be stopped out and price will rise back to 77. That said I am not adjusting my stop level. It’s set to 69 for a reason and if I get stopped out so be it. The price could bounce back upwards but it could also continue to fall and that’s what my stop is for to stop a loss before it gets out of hand.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
Spread betting beginner

December 9, 2010 by Harry
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