Another spread betting day has been and gone. It’s been a fairly quiet one for me really. I had one position stop out and I took the opportunity to move a few stops while the markets were open. My Hays position stopped out for a loss of £8.6. Funnily enough it was the only spread bet I had open with IG index that didn’t have a guaranteed stop attached to it and guess what, it suffered slippage. It should’ve exited at 118 instead it exited at 117.8. Only 0.2pts but still slippage.


I was wondering if anyone had any experience of spread betting with SpreadCo? I know they offer 0.8pt spreads on some indices and FOREX but does this mean they will compensate for this by loading the spread on equities? I’m thinking of trying them out so maybe I’ll open a Spread betting Demo Account with them and see what they are like. If anyone has any feedback on them please leave me a comment or better still why not write a SpreadCo review on my spread betting reviews page. I’d be interested to hear others thoughts about them as a company.


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The Spread Betting Beginner

March 14, 2011 by Harry
Category: blog