Not much to report today. Thanks to Alan for his forum post again yesterday. You can read it here. Unfortunately I am going to be making some changes to the forum over the coming days so I will not be taking any new registrations. I apologise in advance to anyone that wanted to register today. You will be able to register again when I have made the improvements, hopefully they will be worth the wait.


EAGA is turning out to be my start performer. I still have a trailing stop of 6pts set on this and I currently have £7.4 locked in. Not mega bucks but when you consider this is nearly 2x my initial risk it’s not too bad going. Persimmon has crept up a little bit today as well. Hopefully it’s the start of a nice rebound to 400 or higher. I may look to trail the stop on this but I think if I do it will be some factor of ATR rather than just an arbitrary 6pts as is the case with EAGA.


Everything else is not up to much really. I’ll check them all later to see if I can move the stops based on the super trend indicator.


That’s all for today. It’s a short post I know. With having the new forum to do, and work and keeping the family happy there’s a lot to do at the moment.


Thanks to “M” for the e-mail about my rant yesterday. I’m glad someone has the same view as me. Also thanks to another “M” asking about proScreeners. I’ll try and get onto your request at the weekend when I have more time.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
Spread Betting Beginner