An early post today because I have family visiting this weekend and I will not get chance to post later. I won’t get chance to post tomorrow either but I may have some time Sunday to update.


With the FTSE 100 up down more than a tarts knickers over the last few days I’m glad I’m not attempting to predict it’s movements. I’d hate to be a day trader trying to predict intraday price movements, I guess if you have the experience and you are confident in your strategy then it must become second nature. From my own perspective it’s difficult enough trading over a days and weeks time frame, I think if I tried to trade Intraday I would go broke quicker than a rat up a drain pipe.


In fact back in January I did try to trade the FTSE intra day a few times. I started by making a bit of cash then I got ahead of myself and ended up losing what I’d made and more. I quickly decided that trading indices was not for me and that’s why I came up with my “Don’t trade the FTSE for at least a year!” rule. This could actually be modified to “Don’t trade the FTSE!“. If you are new to spread betting there is no quicker way to go broke than trading indices or FOREX. I have only tried trading FOREX a couple of times but it’s much the same as indices, in that you can lose a lot of money very very quickly. That’s why I now only stick to equities and primarily ones from the FTSE 350. I have tried trading US, German and French equities but because these tend to move at £1 per pip I found that these can also be too much risk for me to handle for the time being.


I’m happy enough with 350 stocks to choose from. They provide me with plenty of opportunities.


I also have a slight confession to make today. People that have e-mailed me in the past or have read some of my forum post on spread betting central will have seen me sign as Trev. This is not actually my real name. My real name is Harry. Why the sudden honesty? ( I hear you ask) Well some of you may already know the answer to that, some of you may have an Idea as to why and some of you probably have no clue at all. Well I’m not going to reveal why just yet but all will become clear over the next few weeks so keep checking to find out.


I hope you will appreciate I have tried to protect my anonymity by using the Alias Trev. Although I’m revealing my first name I will not be giving out my surname for obvious reasons. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this then feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.


Regarding my trading well it’s all pretty quiet at the moment I’m afraid. How I keep saying I have enough positions open for now so am not currently looking for new trades. The ones that I currently have open are all not up to much.  Hopefully they will start to move over the next few days/weeks to give me something a little more interesting to write about.


Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
Spread Betting Beginner

September 24, 2010 by Harry
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