The final week of the spread betting beginner. Boo, I hear you cry!


Fear not it’s only my last week on blogger. As you already know I have been working on a new permanent home for the spread betting beginner. As of the end of this week I will no longer be posting on blogger any more I will only be posting on I will still be updating as regularly as I can but I will also be adding more and more content to the site over the coming weeks and months.


I’ve taken the decision to move over at the end of this week as I am currently maintaining this blog in two different places which is more time consuming than it needs to be. I know the new site is not perfect but please bear with me I’ll get there eventually. In the mean time if you have any thoughts, comments or just simply do not like the new blog please let me know. It will be easier to make major changes now than a few months down the line.


There will be many more new features over on the new site. One of which is a forum. With the overall goal of the new site to help beginners find their feet with spread betting I hope the more experienced of you out there will participate in any forum conversations to help the beginners(such as myself) along the way. That said it is not exclusively for beginners I hope there will be more experienced people also asking any questions that they might have.


I have so much I want to do with the new site but it’s going to take me a while to get it to where I want it to be. Even then I suspect I will always be looking to add to it and make improvements along the way. So please spread the word about Spread Betting Tell your friends, tell your family and I hope to see you there in the near future.


Anyway enough about that, back to the business of trading. As the market has risen today so have most of my positions. I managed to move my stop on 888 on Friday reducing my risk on the position further. Debenhams has also risen a few points today so I may be looking to move my stop there as well. It all depends on what the super trend indicator is telling me at the end of the day.


I had a look over the weekend to see if there were any potential new trades. While I spotted a few which looked encouraging there was nothing that fitted my risk profile so I’ll just have to keep waiting for now until the prefect setup comes along. Back in the old days I would’ve felt that I needed to trade to feel like I was “doing something” in the market. These days I am “doing something” by “doing nothing”. There is no rush, tomorrow is another day and who knows maybe tomorrow will offer up my perfect trade. I’m happy to wait until it comes along.


Thanks to Alan for his comment regarding slippage on one of his positions. It’s something that we all need to be aware of, so much so that I have added a section to my (currently incomplete) beginners guide. Feel free to take a look and let me know any comments or feedback that you might have. I want to make sure that the content of the new site is clear and can be understood by anyone no matter what there level of knowledge of spread betting.


Until next time

“May the markets be with you”
Spread Betting Beginner

October 18, 2010 by Harry
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