Hello to anyone who reads this blog.

Sorry for not posting friday or over the weekend. We’ve had visitors and I’ve been busy looking after them. My order for Luminar executed on friday so I’m long £1 per point. Buy at 15 stop at 7.5. We’ll wait and see if it comes good or not.

Not sure what has happend today. The FTSE 100 has tanked to below 5000. Will it go further? Who knows. I suspect it might. Then again it could bounce up off support. The next few days/weeks will reveal all.

With the FTSE dropping today so did most of my positions. Four positons stopped out, Alcatel-Lucent, stopped out for a £17 profit, BAE £13 loss, Laird £8.09 loss and premier foods for a £9 loss. I have a couple of orders set for this week, they are 888 holdings and northern foods. I will wait and see how this week pans out but next week may be time to start looking for shorts if the recent downward move continues.

Anyway I don’t have much time again so I’m afraid it’s short but sweet. I’ll try and get more time to post a better entry later in the week.

Thanks again to all who voted in the poll. 5 people voted again and the total score was 36 with and average of 7.2. I don’t have the time to change the layout again so I’m going to stick with this for a while. I may make improvements at a later date.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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June 29, 2010 by Harry
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