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Well, well, well. The FTSE 100 was down now it’s up and just passed the 5000. It would be sods law that the markets start to rise again from here. I think however this rally of the last two days may be short lived, but who knows.

Two of my nine potential orders have executed so far today. With the markets currently rising I would be very surprised if any more execute before the end of the day. If they don’t they don’t and the orders will be cancelled. I will look for more downtrending stocks tonight and place any orders that are necessary.

The two orders that fired are Thomas Cook at 179.5 with a stop at 186.5 so a £7 risk and Aegis at 106  with a stop at 109 so a £3 risk. Both of these are sell orders as my weekly analysis suggests that the overall market is trending down.

I have created some stock screeners to find my potential trades which I will try and post in the strategies section later this week or at the weekend. So Neil you should be able to access these this after this weekend if you want to. The code I will be posting is for use in proRealTime. I have written an indicator and then a stock screener based on this indicator. You’ll see what I mean when I post them.

That’s about all for me. Hopefully my sell positions opened today will come off but we’ll find out soon enough. I plan to keep these trades open for a few days or weeks. If my trending signals go away then I will exit the trade as soon as I can. How I said earlier I haven’t decided how to trail my stop as of yet so I may be expermenting with this, I need to have a trade move into profit first though.

This is the last post for today. I will probably post again tomorrow with any potential orders for the day.

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July 7, 2010 by Harry
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