I haven’t placed any trades today. I have been busy trying to get this blog up and running to try and make it useful to someone. At the moment I fear it is not. If you are interested in spread betting please keep checking back. I’ll be posting daily updates about my strategies, money management, and more on my account valuations. I know you may look at my current valuations and think I’ve lost alot of money but I really feel that I am at a turing point in my spread betting career. I hope to one day be doing this for a living. I believe that I can achieve this but it’s going to take alot of hard work and disapline.

Tomorrow I will be posting my rules for trading. This is not a definative list but one that I keep adding too. If I stick to all these rules I should prove to be successful in my spread betting career.

I’ll write more tomorrow, And you never know I may even place a new trade but only if it fits with one of my strategies and within my trading rules.

Until tomorrow.

February 18, 2010 by Harry
Category: blog