No new trades for me today only adjusting stop levels to lock in profits or reduce risk. I have just recently opened an IG Index account and I discovered they have some excellent advanced charting features, courtesy of IT Finance (ProRealTime). I’ve posted more information about over on the forum under the topic IG Index – Charting Packages. Take a look.


I’ve been reading and re-reading the Original Turtles trading rules document over the weekend and It has some very interesting ideas in it. The main thing that I like is their method of pyramiding positions.


I have some questions that someone might be able to help me with but I’ll post them on the forum. I was going to add them to this post but I think the forum is the correct place for them. So look out for them. I’ll add them over the next few days.


I am hoping to use the pyramiding techniques in my own trading. It’s certainly one are that I need to improve on as so far I’ve been pretty rubbish. The current rules I have in place just aren’t correct and need modifying. I’m hoping I may have found the answer within the document.


It’s certainly a hard work at times this spread betting malarkey. I know my ultimate goal is to spread bet for a living, at the moment I feel like I’m putting in the full time hours but not getting paid. In fact last year it actually cost me. Still onwards and upwards. I’m sticking with it, hopefully others have found my experiences useful and if I’ve saved someone from making the same mistakes I have then it’s worth it. Oh and should anyone become a millionaire from learning from my mistakes then please remember me in your will 😉


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

February 21, 2011 by Harry
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