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I’ve had a bit of time in between doing things at work and I came across a new web site containing more spread betting insight. The site is called spread betting for me and it contains, news, spread betting comparisons and a similar blog to mine. To be honest the site is very similar to what I had in mind when I started this blog. I want it to document my progress as a spread betting beginner while providing other useful features. The blog is getting there but with only having limited time to put into my trading and this blog it’s difficult at times. Still “slow and steady wins the race” as they say, I will get there eventually,I just need to take it one step at a time.


Anyway back to spread betting for me. I would suggest taking a look. I usually take a quick look most days, I think the most interesting part of the site, in my opinion, is the spread betting diary. The diary is kept by the “Virgin Spreader” which as the name suggests is a newbie to spread betting, much like me. Spread betting for me is from its parent site the Economy news site which is where the virgin spreader started their blog postings. I think as a site they are still fairly new and they have recently re-designed their layout. I suspect there may be more changes in store over the coming months as the site finds it’s feet but we’ll wait and see. Anyway It’s well worth a look. I have added a link on the left “More spread betting insight”, so you can check it out after reading my latest post if you like.


Todays action.

With the whole market rising on better than expected retail sales it has dragged some of my positions up with it. Paragon rose steadily during the day to take the position into a loss. With ADX dropping to 24 I decided to cut the loss short and look for a better prospect. I closed the position manually without giving it too much though at 127.8 taking a £1.80 loss. You watch the price drop back now. Anyway the trade is over It’s time to look for new trades.The order I placed for Dominos Pizza has not yet executed, there is still a few hours until the close of trading so it may still fire off. Shanks is currently up a few points. Can it continue in this direction to my first profit from the momentum divergence strategy? We’ll wait and see. Premier foods dropped a little today not what I want but hey there’s a while before the end of the day and tomorrow is another day. So onwards and upwards. That’s about all for now. I decided to post early as I had a little time. I may update the post later if I find any potential new trades at the end of the day.


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July 22, 2010 by Harry
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