No new trades today and I’ve not moved any stops. It would seem the markets have finished early for the Christmas break. I wonder if next week will bring more movement?


So with nothing much happening I don’t have a lot to write about. I noticed an article in the Financial Times yesterday about female spread betters vs male spread betters . I personally think gender makes no difference to how well one performs at spread betting. It’s about the psychology of the individual and you will find some women and men that make excellent spread betters and those that are just no good at all.


I went to re-read the story on the Financial Times site today and found that I need to subscribe to read it. So I came across this equally interesting article on money week. It basically is reasons why women make better spread betters than men.


Reading through it makes some valid points and are really the things that every trader, regardless of sex, need to learn on the path to successful spread betting.


The first point “Men hate to be wrong”. I totally agree with that. I don’t like being wrong but, I’ve now learnt there is no room for egos in spread betting. Leave them at the door before you start. If your trade goes against you, admit your wrong, take the loss and move on.


Remove emotions from your trade. This is a must, if you don’t you’ll cut you winners short and let your losses run. Get a strategy that works for you, stick to it and make every trade you make a business transaction governed by your strategy. There is no need for any emotions at all.


“Men learn by doing.” This is so true. This is basically what I’ve done. Although I’ve learned the error of my ways If I’d had some guidance from the start there are some things I could’ve possibly avoided. That said I probably would’ve still made the same mistakes. I think for me personally they were necessary for me to get this far.


“Women tend to be more patient.” This was one of the major things that I have struggled with along the way. When I first started I just wanted to trade and did so sometimes with no real reason and regretted it after the trade. Patience is a big factor in becoming successful at spread betting. You need to learn to wait for the right opportunity to come along. If you rush into things you are bound to make mistakes and although you’ll learn from them you’ll also regret them and ask yourself why?


Anyway that’s about all from me this week. Last weekend of shopping before Christmas. I still have a few things to buy so I’ll be braving the mad rush in the shops tomorrow or Sunday. Still at least it will all be done and I can have a semi-Relaxing break over the festive period.


I’ll be blogging for most of next week as I’m working until the end of Christmas eve. I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting after then. I’ll probably do a few posts but if the markets are closed (Mon 27th and Tue 28th) I won’t have much to say so I’ll probably take those days off at least.


Anyway I’ll catch you next week or in the forum over the weekend.
Have a good one Guys & Girls!


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
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December 17, 2010 by Harry
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