Since I haven’t updated for a while I thought I should let you all know why and what’s going on.


After my last update one of our cats decided to go missing. I don’t know how many of you out there are pet people but I’m sure you can imagine how distressing it can be to lose pet. She (Kitty) went missing on Thursday 13th October. The last time we seen her was around lunch time. Normally she doesn’t venture to far out the back garden so we have no idea where she could’ve gone. So since shes been missing I’ve been spending all my time pushing leaflets through peoples doors and putting up posters. I even created a page for people to go and view more pictures of Kitty in the hope that it might help. So far we have pretty much had nothing, I’ve arranged it to be in the Bracknell midweek this week, (a free news paper in Bracknell) so hopefully we may get a better response from that. If anyone has any experience with finding a missing cat please do get in touch. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I think the worst thing of all is not knowing what has happened to her. If we new something bad had happened then at least we could make peace with it. It really is driving me crazy thinking about the infinite possibilities of where she could be or what could’ve happened.


Anyway enough about that . That’s not really the reason why you read this blog now is it. The thing is with the cat going missing and moving house this coming weekend I’ve had no time for spread betting. I’ve been keeping my eye on the market and I see the FTSE is now above the 5400 resistance level it was struggling with. The question is can it now turn that old resistance level into support and continue upwards? I guess we’ll find out on that one. One of my positions has stopped out since last I wrote. DRAX rallied over 50 points in one day a few days ago taking out my stop loss. I’ve yet to check it out fully as my mind has been elsewhere but I think I made a bit of a loss on DRAX overall. If I recall I also had to pay the dividend as I held the position over the dividend date. Normally you would receive a dividend but since this was a short position I had to pay the 15 or so points drop,(or rather I didn’t see them as a profit). How I said I’ve taken my eye of the ball these past few weeks so I’ll have to look into it further as things start to settle down after the move at the weekend. I only hope the cat comes back before we move.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

October 24, 2011 by Harry
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