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It’s been a mega busy week for me since the weekend really. My Folks went out to Spain but my nan was in Hospital so I went back to give her some company over the weekend and then back to work which is hectic at the minute so I’ve had no chance to look for new spread bets. I probably wont get a chance to take a look tomorrow either as I have a deadline looming for the 30th April but I do intend to spend some time at the weekend doing a review of my current open positions.


You may recall I said I would be keeping a close eye on some of my more recent trades as they need to return to their trends for them to be worth while. Well I haven’t been keeping a close enough eye so I need to check the charts to see how they are coming along. The trades are all still open as none of the stops have been hit yet and when I checked them earlier they all still had a ways to go before the stops would be hit but that’s not really the point. The idea was that the trades would return to their trends and if they didn’t within a reasonable time frame then I would cut the trade and look for better opportunities. I just need to check on how the trends are doing.


That’s really all I have for my spread betting update. No new trades and I still haven’t had the time to expose my most recent trades. My plan is to make the necessary changes to my position logging utility over the weekend and then I should be able to display my trades for all to see. I’m sure I said I would try and do the same last weekend but other, unavoidable, circumstances dictated otherwise.


Not that I don’t already have enough to do but my FTSE 100 analysis will also be added at the weekend again.


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April 26, 2012 by Harry
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