Stock Screeners


Stock screeners, in my view, are an enormous part of trading. They enable you to search through hundreds of thousands of instruments and return a list of each one that meets your specified criteria. I use a stock screener every day and believe me it saves me hours.


When I first started to spread bet back in February 2009 I soon realised scrolling through hundreds of charts every day or even every week was not something that I wanted to spend my time doing. I though there must be a better way. After all, I was looking for stocks that meet certain ADX and moving average criteria, so why could I not make a computer do the work for me. So I set about writing my own VB application to return a list of potential spread bets.


My VB application worked quite well but was not perfect. I then discovered that what I had done was to write my own stock screening software. When I knew there were other programs out there that did a similar thing I began hunting for one which offered this functionality for free. I only found one. ProRealTime offer free EOD(End of day) charts and there software has the functionality to program your own stock screeners.


I have written a few different stock screeners in proRealTime which you can find listed below. I have also included a tutorial for writing a stock screener which hopefully you can use to write your own stock screener. I know personally I would find spread betting too hard without stock screeners. Mainly because I have very little time as it is, and I would not be able to spend hours searching for potential trades every day.


I hope you find my screeners of some use. If there is anything wrong or you need any help you can either contact me or post on the forum.



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