Should I be spread betting if I have an gambling addiction?


Probably not. Spread betting is covered under gambling law and is classed as gambling in the UK. If you really think about it any for of trading is really gambling. There is no such thing as a sure thing in the stock market so any trade you make will be a gamble.


If you have a gambling addiction, like any addiction you need to seek help from the correct channels and should also quit the thing you are addicted to. Easier said than done I know, but until you admit to yourself you have an addiction you will probably struggle to get help with it.
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I get a thrill when I spread bet but I always seem to lose. What am I doing wrong?


If you get a buzz or thrill when spread betting then you are probably gambling and should reassess your reasons for spread betting. I spread bet to try and make some additional income. I get no thrill from it what so ever. Of course it’s nice when you make a profit but you need to try and remove all your emotions from your trades.


When I first started trading this is something I really struggled with. I would get really depressed when I made a loss and really happy when I made a profit. This was something that I had to work on personally to get where I am today. Alright I’m still not a profitable spread better by a long shot, but it no longer affects me when I make a profit or loss. I’m fairly emotionless which ever way the trade goes. Of course I’d like them all to be winners but losses are a fact of life in spread betting. The quicker you can accept that and learn to take the rough with the smooth the easier you will find it in the long run.
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