I read Winning Spread Betting Strategies after reading The Financial Spread Betting Handbook and although I was not disappointed it was not as good as the Financial Spread Betting Handbook. I think the main reason is because it does not contain so much all round information like the Handbook does. Also some of the strategies are very similar to the ones detailed in the Handbook.


I would say the main difference between this book and the Handbook is the fact that these strategies are based on weekly charts rather than daily. The idea being that you can spend a few hours every weekend looking for trades, adjusting stops and placing any new orders. This is a great idea in theory however the reality can be a little different. For one thing some spread betting firms will not allow you to adjust stop orders out of hours so you will need to do that at least during the week.


Other than that I still think it’s worth a read. Especially if you want to try and develop your own strategy. It’s very clearly defined how the strategies are developed and there are key elements to all Malcolms strategies that anyone wanting to develop their own strategy will do well to follow.


As always it’s written and a clear and well thought out manner. Something that Malcolm really should be proud of.