I have absolutely nothing to report on my own spread betting because I just haven’t had the time to go looking for new trading opportunities. I didn’t even get chance to update with my latest analysis of the FTSE. I should get some time to do it this weekend as I’ll be spending a fair bit of time on the train traveling so keep checking for the latest updates.


If you are a regular spread bettor or trader then you may have noticed the launch of the new Spread Bet Magazine a few months ago. If you haven’t had chance to take a look at it yet I suggest you do. Each month it has articles from regular writers such as Robbie Burns (The Naked Trader), Evil Knievel aka Simon Cawkwell and Dominic Picarda plus a host of other articles from various other writes. Don’t worry if you’re not a spread bettor as it’s aimed at traders in general but has a spread betting and CFD trading edge to all the articles. The best thing of all it’s completely free each and every month. There’s no monthly subscription to pay at all and if you submit your e-mail address in the box provided on the right you can get the latest magazine sent directly to your inbox each and every month.


In the latest June edition of the magazine there is an interview with Simon Denham, CEO of Capital Spreads and he reveals some spread betting secrets and dispels some common myths about spread betting. You can still read the June edition of the magazine by going to the spread bet magazine website www.spreadbetmagazine.com. If you haven’t already I suggest you take a look.


Hopefully there will be more spread betting from me next week. I just haven’t had the time this week to dedicate to it. Probably for the best anyway since the last FTSE update I did I was looking for short positions. I’m sure if I’d placed any shorts since then with the FTSE rallying well over the last few days I would’ve been stopped out. Mind you with the rally looking like it might have run out of steam and the possibility of the down trend still being in action it could be a good time to go short. Well see what my FTSE analysis shows up over the weekend and I’ll go from there.

June 21, 2012 by Harry
Category: blog