Ok so it’s 2013 a new year and it marks my return to spread betting and hopefully to winning ways. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while I’ve been away with the main focus being on my approach to trading and how I am picking my trades. If you’ve read this blog over the last few years you will know that I’ve only ever traded using technical analysis and nothing else. I was never interested in what a company did or the financials of the company I looked at a chart and if I though it matched my criteria then I made the trade. I think I have successfully proved that this just does not work, at least not for me, so a change of tact is in order.


I’ve decided to try and do more fundamental research into companies and if I think the fundamentals look/sound good then I will take a look at the chart and see what the price is doing. In essence I’m looking to try and mimic Robbie Burns aka the naked trader. I have a couple of his books and although I’ve read them I’ve never really put any of his advice into practice. Therefore I have chosen this as my place to start with fundamental analysis. He has many great techniques which I aim to use and as before I will try and document my progress here on this blog.


While on the subject of the blog there are going to be some changes happening soon. Personally I think they are all quite exciting and when they are fully functional I’ll be sure to let you know. Some will require your participation to make them work but I wont reveal much more until I’m happy they are ready(or almost).


So there you have it 2013 the year the spread betting beginner becomes a millionaire, nice idea huh. It’s going to take a while for me to find my feet with fundamental analysis so for the foreseeable future I will be paper trading as I’ve already lost too much money trying to find my way with this spread betting lark.


Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2013 to you all.

January 3, 2013 by Harry
Category: blog