I said I’d blog about spread betting every trading day from now on so I am. Unfortunately today I have spent most of the day on the road through work so I haven’t placed any new trades. To be honest I haven’t even had chance to check what the markets have done so there is really nothing to report on the spread betting front.


Thanks to spread betting trader and edswifa for their comments yesterday. Going back to the margin call with IG Index it was because I only really added a test amount to the account. I added £50 which allowed me to open 3 positions, but because some of them had started to move into a loss it took me just under the required margin to keep them open. I think it’s because one of them has a non guaranteed stop associated with it and the margin for this was much higher than the margin for the ones with guaranteed stops, which is what you would expect.


Todays Spread betting action.

As I said earlier I’ve had no time to place an new bets today. I’ve just checked my open positions and there are no stops to move either. Most of my positions are treading water at the moment much like the whole market. The only question is after this period of consolidation will the markets shoot for the starts or sink to the floor? I’m leaning more towards the later as I have been for a while, but it’s really anyones guess. As Tony Loton rightly put it a while ago “The only thing we can be certain of is the markets will fluctuate.” I’m not sure that’s the exact quote but it’s close enough.


On a side note I noticed Golden Bull has started his trading diary over on the spread betting forum. It would seem he is off to a good start making £112 profit for only £50 risk. I have to say though todays potential £79 profit for a £121 risk seems a little unbalanced for my liking. But hey all’s fair in Love and spread betting. What do I know about it, all I’ve done so far is lost money. All the best to golden bull I will be watching on with a keen interest as I’m sure everyone else will too.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

March 9, 2011 by Harry
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