You may recognise the title for todays post. It’s a quote from another legend, Eric Morcambe, albeit in different field to Warren Buffett.


I think the quote does a good job of summing up the way I feel about trading at the minute. My valuation closed the day lower again with Technicolor the latest casualty of being stopped out.  It would seem the markets are more and more jittery and I think the FTSE 100 making any serious penetration of the 5000 barrier could make way for further falls. That said tomorrow is another day and the markets will do  what ever they want to do. Who knows? I know I don’t!


Anyway that’s all from me today. I don’t have a lot of time to write anything more deep and meaningful. I would like to thank Tony Loton for posting a link to my blog on his “Trading Trail” blog. I will write more about my view on his position trading and the comments he posted when I have more time. In the mean time check out his blog if you haven’t already. He’s also written some good books on stop orders, position trading, Don’t lose money & Financial trading patterns which you can see are on my recommended reading list.

June 8, 2010 by Harry
Category: blog