I sent out my first spread betting news letter yesterday so if you have subscribed you should’ve received it. If you haven’t please check your junk mail as it may have been caught by your spam filter. If you do all that and still haven’t received it please do let me know and I will get it sorted out A.S.A.P. So what does the spread betting news letter contain? Well that would be telling now wouldn’t it. If you want to find out the answer you will need to subscribe. The one thing it does contain is your chance to win a prize each and every month. So if you fancy having a go just subscribe, It’s completely free.


So what has been happening in my spread betting world recently? Well the simple answer is not that much really. Sure I’ve been maintaining my open positions by moving stops but I haven’t had the time for a while to look for any new trades. I’m not concerned though. I have about 8 positions open anyway and I think if I go opening any more I’ll lose track of them which means they will more than likely end up being losses. It’s important that you do not overstretch yourself by having too many positions open at once for a few reasons. Firstly you won’t be able to monitor them all and will more than likely end up making a mistake and secondly there is the fact you will possibly be overexposed. If you have one open position at £1 per point on a stock worth 500p this means you have a total exposure of £500. If however you have ten positions all at £1 per point on stocks worth 500p this gives you a total exposure of £5,000. This is all fine if you can really afford to lose £5,000 but if you can’t then don’t open so many positions.


This is why I limit my number of open positions at any one time. Although all my positions have stop orders associated with them most of them are not guaranteed which means I can potentially lose more than I bargained for. If you do find yourself opening too many positions you will probably find it’s because you are afraid of missing the boat. Believe me when I say this there is no such thing as a missed opportunity in the trading world. You may think you’ve missed it and you will never get such a good chance to trade but honestly you will. Todays missed trade can lead to tomorrows big opportunity so sit back relax and wait for the right trade to come along. That’s what I’m doing, or at least that’s the theory.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

June 1, 2011 by Harry
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