Works still really busy while I play catch up after having a few days off, so I don’t have loads of time to spare today.


I had one stop out today and made one new trade. Firstly the stop out was in Debenhams. I was stopped out at 68.696 so yet again I suffered slippage. I know it’s only 0.3 points but still it all adds up. This was in my new CMC account where I have suffered some of the worst slippage in terms of how frequently it occurs. The new CMC account does have reasonably tight spreads but even so I’m not sure if this makes up for the amount of slippage I’m suffering.


My new trade is in Ladbrokes. It’s a super trend buy at 128.7 with a stop set at 122. I decided to open this position in my Tradefair account. Although the spread was slightly larger I seem to have suffered less slippage with them than CMC so I thought I’d place the trade with them instead. I liked the look of Ladbrokes and although the share has been in a slight down trend there is a potential double or even triple bottom formation with the low made back in July, the end of November and the most recent low made at the end of December. So this is all in keeping with my strategy. Will it pan out ok? Well only time will answer that question.


I’ve added a new section to the site called market comments. This is basically some comments from Capital Spreads and SpreadEx about what the markets are doing. Some of it makes interesting reading and I thought you might like to read it so I’ve added it to the site. This should be updated everyday but it’s really out of my hands as it comes from Capital Spreads and SpreadEx themselves. I usually get the commentary in the morning so as soon as I get it I’ll add it to the site.


Thanks for the continued feedback about the speed of the site. I suspect it’s something to do with my hosting provider as some days it seems fine others it’s really slow. I’ll be contacting them about sorting it out so hopefully I’ll get this sorted ASAP!


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
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January 13, 2011 by Harry
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Tags: Debenhams, Ladbrokes, Market Commentary, super trend strategy