My rentokil position stopped out today for a loss of £2.38. I’m not too unhappy about this. Obviously I would’ve liked it to be a profit but £2.38 is a manageable loss. I may look for a new position later but it will have to be the right opportunity for me to trade. Gone of the days of trading for trading sake.


I would like to thank “Off the Lip” and Tony for their comments much appreciated as always.


I don’t blame you “Off the Lip” for moving away from CMC. Like you say no level 2 or back testing as they have with digital look. Also the charts are really naff. I used to think CMC offered the best charting package of all the spread betting firms but as far as I can tell their new platform only offers a fraction of what it used too. Also it’s so annoying that you make changes to how you view the chart, e.g. Time frame and chart type(line, bar, candlestick etc) and these changes are not remembered. Also you can’t zoom in and out of the chart like you used to be able too. E.g. If your viewing daily time frame you see a fixed 6 months of day no matter how small and cluttered it makes the chart. From my point of view they have a very long way to go before it even becomes close to being as functional as market maker. I think I may be joining you “Off the Lip” and take my money else where. I suspect that many other people will follow suit and CMC could really be shooting themselves in the foot trying to rush everyone across to the new platform before it has enough functionality.


Anyway moving on. Thanks to Tony for his comment and blog entry regarding my poll. The one thing I will not is that the poll was not meant to be are you profitable over a given time frame, nor was it meant to be have you ever made a profit. I think most people, including myself, will have made a profit spread betting. The poll was supposed to be are you profitable over all. e.g. Have you made more money spread betting than you have lost overall. I would suspect you “Tony” would be able to answer yes to my poll. I understand that so far this year in your public account you are at a loss but I’m sure overall you are a profitable spread bettor. E.g. The amount you have made (over all the time you’ve been spread betting) is greater than the total amount you have lost. I may be wrong but having made 3000% in 6 months I suspect you must be “profitable”. Obviously correct me if I’m wrong.


They more observant of you will have noticed that I have started a new site. Why the new site? Well, there are many reasons the main one being blogger is great for it’s ease of use etc. But I am limited with what I can do within blogger. Having my own site means that I can add more features and content and make it into a valuable resource for all spread bettors and traders. At the moment it’s very rough round the edges and I still have a lot to do to get it into shape but over the coming weeks /months I will get it on its feet.  Let me know what you think about the site layout etc as if most people think it’s rubbish then I will look change it. It will take me a while as I’m learning all the new languages like HTML, php, css, etc. So it will take me longer than a qualified web designer but hey my way’s more fun. Plus it adds new languages to my skill set just in case I need them for anything. If any one has spare time and wants to write some relevant content for the site please let me know. I can’t offer you anything by way of financial reward for doing it but I can link to your site(if you have one) and of course give you the correct credit on the site.


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October 12, 2010 by Harry
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