Well another week has flown past and it’s taken half the year with it. I can’t believe we are already half way through this year. It really is scary how quickly time seems to fly past these days. Still I guess that’s just life for ya! Maybe one day the days wont seem to whizz past, I think that might be wish full thinking hey.


The last few days has seen a hive of activity as far as my spread betting is concerned. The recent rally in the market has seen a lot of opportunities come my way that meet the entry criteria for my trading strategy. I haven’t taken every opportunity possible for a few reasons. Firstly some did not meet my risk criteria and secondly if I had taken on all the trades I would be seriously over exposed to the market. I’m almost running the risk of being over exposed at the moment but I am still just about in my comfort zone.


The new spread bets are:

A pyramid into my Misys position. Buy at £1 per point at 422. This means I am now long £3 per point on Misys. Overall the three positions are just about at break even if my stops were to be hit. One would make a profit, the other is break even and the newest position would see a loss almost equal to the locked in profit. Hopefully the recent up trend continues for some time yet and this trades works out to be a good one.
Next up I brought into TUI travel £1 per point at 224.49 with a stop set at 210. This is a long trade and meets the requirements for my super trend cross and a buy signal from Vince Stanziones trading system.


Yesterday I made two new trades. £2 per point in ITV at 71.7 with a stop set at 64, again this is a super trend/ VS buy. £1 per point in Henderson group at 152.63 with a stop set at 142 yet another super trend/ VS buy.


Today I also made one new trade. Again it was a buy in Alliance Trust, £1 per point at 387.27 with a stop set at 367. With opening all these trades over the last few days I know have a total of £10 per point exposure across 7 trades. I think this is more than enough for the time being so I shall be taking a break from looking for new opportunities until I close out some of the open positions. Hopefully this will not be for a while and they all close out for a nice juicy profit. That said if the do start to move into profit and I start to lock in some of that profit then I may either look to pyramid the positions or establish new positions in other stocks. I don’t know yet, I’ll decide should the occasion arise. For the time being though I am happy enough to wait and see what happens with my open positions.


And the winner is!!!

Congratulations to Ted. He is the winner of this months FTSE100 competition. You have won yourself a copy of 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners By Clem Chambers.


The next spread betting news letter will be available shortly with your chance to win this months prize, courtesy of Global Investor Bookshop. It is a copy of The Naked Traders Guide To Spread Betting By Robbie Burns. Now this is a book that I have read and you can read my review on my spread betting reading list.


To be in with a chance of winning you have to subscribe to the monthly news letter and enter the FTSE100 competition via the link within the e-mail. I’m not sure why only three people entered this month but hopefully this month we’ll have a better turn out.


Ok so that’s all from me. How I said the spread betting news letter should be out soon. I aim to send it out over the weekend so keep checking you inbox for that. Other than that have a fantastic weekend everyone and I’ll see you back here next week.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

July 1, 2011 by Harry
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