My Devro spread bet is no more. I exited it today true to my strategy and took a £7 hit. Other than that I have just been monitoring my open spread bets, adjusting stops where necessary. It would seem that the FTSE 100 is in for another bad day. I don’t really know why but with all the doom an gloom in the news I guess it’s hardly surprising. I think it has further to go but again I guess we’ll find out.


Thanks to those who commented on yesterdays post. I think edswifa may be right about my Barratt position being doomed. Quite rightly he pointed out that it’s a trend following system which will only work with a clear up trend or down trend. I would say that at the moment Barratts is going side ways. The problem I now have is if I exit and move on it will probably start to trend nicely. I think for now I will stick with Barratts and hopefully it will come good. Not sure if I’m being naive about this. It does kind of sound similar to riding a loss. Maybe I should just let the current trade pan out then move on. I don’t know. Just when I think I’m getting somewhere this happens and I feel like I’m no further along than I was two years ago. Still I guess it’s another one to chalk up to spread betting experience.


Speaking of riding losses I spotted this video in you tube. If you’re at work or home and have sound be careful as there are a few naughty words in the clip. It does demonstrate the importance of cutting a loss though. It’s also kind of funny, but not for the poor guy in the video.



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The Spread Betting Beginner

May 5, 2011 by Harry
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