This is a quick post today. I have added a poll on the left hand side for you to rate the layout of this blog. There are some new templates that I can use and I am thinking of changing the layout. I would like to get your input on this so for the next few weeks I will be changing the layout of the blog and I would like you to vote on how much you like or dislike the new layout. Feel free to also leave me comments or e-mail me with comments about the new layout. At the end of it I will change the design to which you think is best based on the scores you leave.

So select 1 to rate it as strong dislike and 10 to rate as strong like and anywhere in between for any other opinion.

I didn’t place my new trades or open positions for the week over the weekend as I just didn’t get time. I’ll update the blog with them as soon as I can.

Alan thanks for leaving the comments, It’s much appreciated as always. I will try and respond later.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”

June 14, 2010 by Harry
Category: blog