My order for Premier foods kicked in this morning. So I’m now long £3 per point at 31 with a stop set below the most recent support at 2. Sods law that it spends the day in decline. Still I think it could just be the pull back before setting back on the up trend and if it does I nicely placed to get a piece of the action. My Barratts position closed out today. I can see now why Guaranteed stops should be used on the IGIndex pure deal platform. The first time I use a no guaranteed stop I suffer slippage. Still the 0.18 points in slippage is less than the extra I would’ve paid in spread so looking at it from that point of view I actually saved money. Barratts was another loss of £6. I was thinking to switch to a short position according to the Vince Stanzione strategy but I decided against it. I think edswifa, in his comments, was right about my strategy with Barratts. I was indeed doomed and I paid the price. Still it’s another one to chalk up to experience.


Not much else has been happening here. I keep looking for new trades when I find the time and nothing is jumping off the page at me yet. Still there’s no rush.


Finally I’d like to say thanks to Toni for his(I’ve assumed you are male, please forgive me if you are not) nice e-mails. Toni is toying with the idea of purchasing Vince Stanziones course material. Toni, one thing I forgot to mention is speak to BigAl in the spread betting forum. He has also purchased Vinces material and he will also be able to add his opinion on how he found it.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner

June 8, 2011 by Harry
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