It’s been a busy day for me trading wise today. My position in Allied Irish bank stopped out for a £9 loss today. Silly trade really with hindsight. No real strategy behind it and yet again I’ve paid the price. Still we live and learn. One new trade today. I brought RBS at 43.525 with a stop at 39, and I’m long £2 per point. Well with my stop so close £2 per point is within my 1% risk tolerance for the trade so I figured I should go for it. It’s a super trend cross over buy and with a recent double bottom in price and I like the look of the chart, the only way is up. Here’s hoping it pans out.


Northern foods shot up today after the owner of Harry Ramsdens (Boparan)made a 73p per share cash bid. Good news for me. As far as I’m concerned Greencore and Boparan can battle it out up to £30 a share or more. Ever the optimist hey! You can read more about why Northern foods increased so much on yahoo Finance.


I’m still trying to resolve the slow site issues and have removed the forum updates from the main page. I think the forum is slowing down the site for some reason and this would also slow the main page because it contained the updates from the forum. When I have the problem sorted I’ll try and get them added.


For the last few weeks/months I’ve been posting almost every trading day. Well I have decided to tone this down for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated with all my trades but I will only be posting when something exciting happens, like a new trade or stop out has occurred. The reason being is it will give me a little extra time to spend doing other things. Firstly I’ll be fixing the issues with the site that need to be addressed as top priority and it will also give me more time to spend in the forum and adding more relevant content to the site. When I get these things done and I start to have more time I will probably go back to posting on a daily basis, but until then it will only be if I have something good to write about, rather than the drivel I’ve been writing about lately. I hope you understand this and please do bare with me. Time is really tight these days!


Over the next few days can people let me know if they are still having speed issues with the site and when and where they are occurring. You can either e-mail me or post over on the forum in the website feedback section. Any details you can give me will help me greatly in resolving these issues. Thanks for your continued patience and support.


Until next time,
“May the markets be with you!”
The Spread Betting Beginner