Sorry for no post over the last few days works busy and so is life at home.


Thanks to “Off the Lip” for his comment. In answer to this the account I currently have Level2 with is digital look. I currently have accounts with tradefair, capital spreads, tdwaterhouse (formerly E*trade), CMC Markets and Digital Look(Market maker investor edition). I use to have a Paddy Power account but closed it in Favour of tradefair (quite a while ago now). At the time I preferred the tradefair platform and since they were both part of the London Capital Group they offered the same spreads, instruments etc so I decided to close the Paddy Power account.


I’ve had the opportunity to move some of my stops over the last few days. Debenhams in now safely showing a profit and I’ve reduced my risk on my northern foods position. I think 888 have risen a bit today so that may provide me with further opportunity to raise my stop in this position. Currently 888 has a risk of £4, with 888 up around 2points so far today I may be able to raise my stop at the end of the day according to my super trend strategy.
Also as I mentioned the other day I am in the process of getting up and running. It’s going to be a while yet but I will let you know when it’s ready. For the time being I will continue posting on blogger and will make it clear when I will be moving to the new site for good. If you do get chance to take a look at the new blog I would appreciate any feed back and comments about the layout. Any suggestions for enhancements and improvements will be much appreciated.


The new blog works in much the same way as this one. You can still post comments and of course you can still e-mail me.







Anyway that’s about all from me for this week. I doubt I’ll any chance to update over the weekend. Saturday I am busy all day and Sunday is looking much better.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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October 15, 2010 by Harry
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