It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so still.”
I’m not referring to the markets as these seem to be as volatile as ever with no sign of changing at the minute. I am referring to this blog. I am going away for a few days with work and I doubt I will get any chance to update. I may get some time when I am back on Sunday but that is unlikely as I’ll be spending time with the family. I most likely get chance to update on Monday but we’ll have to just wait and see.
My trading has certainly gone quiet compared to how it has been over the last few months. I think this is a good think. I was clearly over trading and it’s done me no good psychologically or financially .  I am putting some serious time and effort into my trading plan. All successful traders have a plan that they stick too and never deviate from. I think it’s something that takes time to develop initially and then requires constant maintenance as more knowledge and experience is gained. I aim to share my trading plan with you when my first attempt is complete. I say first attempt as I suspect it will need some tweaks over the coming months.
I would love to hear from anyone that has a trading plan that they stick too. Maybe others would like to share their trading plans with everyone. If you do have a trading plan and are willing to share it with everyone please e-mail me. I am thinking to make some changes to the site to accommodate my own plan and others. I know a trading plan is a very personal thing but I think it’s good to see what other traders have included in there plan to give a novice, such as myself, an idea of what is involved in writing a good detailed trading plan.
Other news.
Well there isn’t much really. I have placed no new trades mainly because of lack of time to look. I think It’s also good to take a few days off from trading. It will allow me to try and clear my head of all the confusion of late and come back to it next week and try and make some sense of things again.
Don’t get me wrong I’ll be keeping my eye on the market and any developments but I won’t be trading probably until Monday or Tuesday now, and only then If I get a good setup opportunity.
Thanks to Tony & Neil for leaving their comments. I appreciate them as always and it’s good to get an opinion from other people. Maybe I am over complicating things using ADX, MA etc. But then again if I start trying to change now will I just confuse myself even further. At the minute I don’t know. I think taking some time away from it all for a few days will do me some good. I can try and clear my mind a bit an come back to it with a fresh new outlook.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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July 14, 2010 by Harry
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