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Well what a week it’s been.With the FTSE ALL Share up 147pts I think it’s the biggest weekly gain since December 2008. Sods law that it happens when my analysis tells me to start looking for short positions. Anyway as Neil put it in his comment “Onwards and Upwards”. I don’t have alot of time so the rest is going to be fairly short I’ll write a more detailed post tomorrow.

My Pargon order triggered today so I’m sort £1per point. Sell at 126 with a stop at 132. It’s currently showing a slight profit but that will all change next week. Hopefully for the better.

I want to thank Neil, Alan & Tony for the comments left yesterday. I will post my responses to them tomorrow when I have more time.

That’s all, more tomorrow.

Until next time
“May the markets be with you”
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July 9, 2010 by Harry
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